Nanowatcher by ControlNano is a low cost advanced device and software for accurate evaluation and report of nanoparticles exposure, in either industrial or urban environments.

Main features:

  • Robust: it provides reliable data in harsh and dusty industry environments
  • Easy to use: No technical knowledge or training is needed
  • Automatic reporting according to REACH Regulation: Customized dashboard for real-time exposure analysis by non-experts according to European Chemicals Legislation, REACH.
  • Long-term Real time measurement: 120h of continuously operation for long-term exposure studies
  • Portable: remote sensing which is lightweight (<2kg)
  • Low maintenance: Water as its working fluid, less than every 18 months maintenance
  • Internationally protected (EP18382641.1)
  • Low cost: Better features and less than half price than other devices. Ask us for a budget at