About us

ControlNano is a technology-based company founded by PACKA VENTURES, a company builder whose objective is to create technology-based companies in order to turn knowledge and technology into business projects with high growth potential.

Our strategy and philosophy are to develop simple, robust and comparatively economical instruments to be operated by occupational health and safety (OHS) advisors and environmental health professionals for monitoring the presence of pathogens (i.e. viruses) in critical infrastructures, and concentration levels of the health-relevant particulate matter fractions at complex environments.


Watch this video to find out more about ControlNano and discover our projects CovidSense -a new device for detecting the presence of COVID-19 in real time, both in ambient air and in biological fluids- and Nanowatcher – a robust, easy-to-use, and low-cost device designed to guarantee safe exposure to nanoparticles by non- experts.