Why do we do what we do?


The global outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 infection together with the current concern on the adverse health effects derived from the exposure to the lowest fraction of particulate matter, including nanomaterials (ENMs), has increased the need for quick detection of pathogen and pollutants in the air, being of critical importance for preserving public health and take quick decisions for establishing quarantines or isolation periods in view of the risk of the collapse of the health system.


Therefore, there is a need for finding solutions to monitor and detect the presence of pathogens of high concern such as CoV-19, and monitor the levels of particles with diameter < 2,5 μm, especially the PM1 fraction (< 1000 nm), associated with chronic diseases, to provide timely warning to vulnerable populations groups, especially vulnerable people (i.e. asthmatics) accidentally exposed to pathogens, and workers.


That is why we have designed two state-of-the-art devices: the COVIDSense and the NanoWatcher.


What else can we do for you?


Health risk assessment studies related to the exposure to nanoparticles in:


  • Companies manufacturing nanomaterials or nano-enabled products (7,706 in EU)
  • Companies exposed to hazardous fine dust particles (>60,000 in EU)
  • External Occupational and Health Services (OHS) (~8,500 in EU)
  • Urban and high pollution areas


Health risk assessment devices design and development with novel properties:


  • Reliable data in harsh and dusty environments
  • Easy to use for non-experts
  • Long-term real time measurement
  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Automatic reporting according to REACH Regulation